Why does Doorstep Car Wash App required in 2023?


Car wash mobile apps are a great way to increase sales, customer loyalty, and the value of your business.
In India, the market for car wash apps is growing, and customer demand is rising every day. Car owners need to clean their vehicles regularly to maintain their beauty and keep them looking new.

Customers who don’t want to deal with hassles when cleaning their cars will appreciate having a mobile app that allows them to book their car wash appointments. For those who don’t live near your facility, but still require regular maintenance services like waxing or polishing, this is a great option.

In India only few companies provide complete car wash mobile application development,Hungercat is one of the top company that provides complete technology services for doorstep car wash service providers.

Features of the Car Wash App -Customer Mobile Application

User Profile: Every user who installs the program has the option of creating a user profile with a personalized name and personal information in the car wash app.

Book A Wash: Users may arrange a vehicle wash based on their current location. The reservation can be made for immediate usage or scheduled at a later date.

Preferred Date & Time: Set your desired data and time for vehicle wash services ahead of time. It aids in the proactive planning of recurrent services.

Cancel Request: Users have the option to cancel previously placed vehicle wash orders. The requests might be postponed to a later date or cancelled immediately.

Push Notification: Every booking, whether approved or denied, will be sent to the user via push notifications.

Locations: Create unique addresses and preferred places on the built-in map to make it simpler to discover car wash services.

Features of the Car Wash App -Washer Mobile Application

User Profile : Washers may establish their own profiles, replete with the services they offer, their availability, unique services, and so on.

QR Scan Wash : User will be provided with a QR code for a particular car, where washer recognize it and wash the car.

Upcoming Washes : A bird’s-eye view of forthcoming washes, special client requests, projected revenue per wash, and so on.

Notifications : The washer will be notified of a new vehicle wash request made by the administrator.

Before & After Photo : Washers may demonstrate their effectiveness in providing wash services by uploading before and after vehicle wash photos.

Rating & Reviews: Washers may provide evaluations and ratings for consumers to identify the best and worst customers.

Commission Module : Admin can define the commission for according to the wash per car.

Features of the Car Wash App — Admin Panel

Manage real-time user and washers payment with our car wash app development services.

User Registration: Admin can control users by reviewing their profiles, social network handles, and other information.

Car Wash Request : Manage vehicle wash requests proactively by prioritizing idle washers.

Car Wash History : The admin may look up vehicle wash history from the dashboard to verify payments, service frequency, and efficiency.

Create Plans : Admin of the car wash app can build customized price plans based on the nature of the services provided, the duration of the plan, the location, and so on.

Washer Payouts : Admin confirms the services and releases money to the washer’s bank account after receiving the payment request from the washer.

Email and SMS notification : Admins may setup email settings to send email and SMS notifications for each important activity performed with the app.

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