An e-wallet solution for HungerCat company refers to a digital payment system customized specifically for HungerCat, enabling seamless and secure transactions, managing donations, and facilitating efficient fund distribution to combat hunger and support charitable initiatives.



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Registration and Login

The e-wallet offers a user-friendly registration process and secure login options, allowing users to access their accounts via username, email, and password.

Wallet Balance

The user panel provides a real-time display of available balance and a comprehensive transaction history, detailing both credits and debits.

Send Money

The e-wallet enables instant fund transfers to other users, offering the flexibility to send money using phone numbers or email addresses.

Bill Payments

The e-wallet allows users to pay utility bills, mobile recharges, and other services while also offering the convenience of scheduling recurring payments.

Security Features

The e-wallet ensures enhanced security through two-factor authentication, biometric methods such as fingerprint or face recognition, and the option to lock the wallet for added protection.

Notifications & Alerts

The e-wallet provides users with real-time transaction notifications, including alerts for low balance and upcoming bill payments, ensuring timely and proactive financial management.

Rewards & Loyalty Points

The e-wallet offers users the opportunity to earn rewards or cashback for transactions and conveniently track as well as redeem loyalty points directly within the application.

Customer Support

The e-wallet provides users with access to customer support via chat or email, allowing them to report issues and receive prompt assistance for wallet-related problems.

Transaction Overview

The merchant panel provides a real-time view of transactions, encompassing sales and refunds, along with detailed summaries of daily, weekly, and monthly sales activities.

Transaction History

The merchant panel offers access to a comprehensive transaction history with advanced filter and search options, enabling merchants to efficiently track and manage specific transactions.

Order Management

The merchant panel allows seamless processing and management of orders placed through the e-wallet, offering detailed insights into order details, statuses, and payment information.

Inventory Management

The merchant panel enables real-time tracking of product inventory, issuing low stock alerts, and facilitating efficient restocking management.

Customer Database

The merchant panel maintains a comprehensive customer database, allowing tracking of customer preferences and purchase history for personalized service and marketing strategies.

Integration & API Support

The merchant panel enables seamless integration of the e-wallet payment gateway into the website or app, providing access to developer APIs for customized integrations and enhanced functionalities.

Security & Fraud Prevention

The merchant panel implements robust fraud detection and prevention measures to ensure secure transactions and protect customer data effectively.

Customer Support

The merchant panel efficiently handles customer queries, payment-related issues, and resolves disputes and discrepancies promptly to enhance customer satisfaction.

User Management

The admin panel allows administrators to create, modify, delete user accounts, verify user identities, and manage user roles efficiently.

Transaction Monitoring

The admin panel enables real-time monitoring for fraud detection and provides access to detailed transaction history and analytics for comprehensive analysis.

Financial Reporting

The admin panel facilitates the generation of comprehensive financial reports and summaries, allowing tracking of revenue, user spending patterns for strategic decision-making.

System Security

The admin panel implements security protocols, monitors vulnerabilities, and conducts regular audits for ongoing system protection.

Transaction Disputes

The admin panel reviews and resolves transaction disputes raised by users or merchants, conducting investigations and offering timely resolutions for discrepancies.

Comprehensive Dashboard

The admin panel provides access to an overview dashboard displaying key metrics, allowing administrators to monitor system health, user activities, and financial data in real-time.

Backup & Recovery

The admin panel ensures system integrity by implementing regular data backups and developing a disaster recovery plan for potential system failures.

Customer Support

The admin panel tracks customer interactions, support tickets, response times, and satisfaction levels.

Advantage of Electronic Wallet



E-wallets offer the convenience of storing multiple payment methods in one digital platform, eliminating the need to carry physical cash or cards.



E-wallets simplify the payment process, allowing users to make payments with just a few clicks or taps, enhancing the overall user experience.



Integrated social platforms and forums for students, tutors, and educators to collaborate, share knowledge, discuss topics, and participate in group activities.


Cashback and Rewards

Many e-wallets offer cashback, discounts, and loyalty rewards for transactions, providing users with additional benefits for using digital payment methods.


Global Transactions

E-wallets can facilitate international transactions, allowing users to make payments and transfers across borders without the need for currency conversion.


Encourages Digital Economy

E-wallets promote digital transactions, contributing to the growth of the digital economy and reducing dependence on physical currency.


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Advanced Feature of Electronic wallet

SEO Settings

The platform offers SEO optimization features, including customizable meta titles, descriptions, URLs, and schema markup integration, to enhance search engine visibility and improve online presence.

User Activity Feed

The e-wallet features a social-like feed displaying user transactions, shared expenses, and bill splitting activities, with customizable privacy settings for controlling activity visibility.

Newsletter Subscription

The platform offers users the option to subscribe to newsletters for updates on promotions, offers, and company news, along with management tools enabling targeted newsletters to specific user segments.

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