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The on-demand economy is booming, and the demand for seamless service bookings is higher than ever. HungerCat's Home Services Solution, crafted by our experts, is your one-stop answer for providing a diverse array of home services to your customers. It empowers you to seize the on-demand home service market opportunities by bringing your business online, allowing customers to discover service professionals with just a few taps. HungerCat not only facilitates this seamless experience but also serves as your technology-driven partner in developing a top-tier home service app tailored for a wide audience.





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Discover Our Features

Easy Service Booking

Customers can effortlessly book various home services such as cleaning, repairs, or landscaping, selecting preferred time slots, and specifying requirements with just a few clicks.

Real-time Service Tracking

Customers can track the service provider's real-time location and estimated arrival time, ensuring transparency and reducing wait times.

Secure Payment Options

HungerCat offers secure digital payment methods, allowing customers to pay for services seamlessly, ensuring safe and hassle-free transactions.

Service History and Ratings

Customers can view their service history, rate service providers, and provide feedback, ensuring high-quality service and fostering trust within the platform.

Appointment Reminders

Customers receive appointment reminders and notifications, reducing the chances of missed appointments and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Custom Service Packages

Customers can customize service packages, selecting specific tasks or areas for cleaning or repairs, tailoring services to meet their unique needs.

In-app Communicatio

Customers can communicate with service providers in real-time, discussing specific requirements or seeking additional services, ensuring clear and direct communication.

Emergency Assistance

Customers have access to emergency assistance features, allowing them to quickly request urgent services in critical situations, ensuring prompt response and support.

Service Availability Management

Service providers can set their availability, indicating working hours and service areas, ensuring efficient scheduling and optimal use of resources.

Job Acceptance & Declination

Service providers can accept or decline service requests based on their availability and expertise, ensuring jobs are assigned to capable professionals.

Service Completion Confirmation

Service providers confirm service completion within the app, updating the status in real-time, enabling accurate tracking and ensuring timely closure of tasks.

Payment Management

Service providers can manage payments, view transaction histories, and track earnings, ensuring transparent financial records and timely payouts.

Customer Feedback Analysis

Service providers can view customer ratings and feedback, identifying areas for improvement and ensuring high-quality service delivery, leading to customer satisfaction.

Service Catalog Management

Service providers can update their service catalog, adding new offerings or removing outdated ones, ensuring customers have access to the latest services.

Schedule Optimization

Service providers receive optimized schedules, minimizing travel time between appointments and maximizing the number of completed jobs, increasing overall efficiency.

Document Verification

Service providers upload and verify necessary documents, certifications, and licenses within the app, ensuring compliance and building trust with customers.

User & Service Provider Management

Admins manage user accounts, verify service providers, and handle onboarding, ensuring a qualified and trustworthy service provider network.

Financial Transactions Monitoring

Admins monitor financial transactions, track payments, manage invoices, and ensure transparent and accurate financial records, safeguarding the integrity of the platform.

Service Quality Control

Admins assess service provider performance, conduct quality checks, and handle customer complaints, ensuring consistent service quality and customer satisfaction.

Data Analytics & Reporting

Admins access comprehensive analytics, gaining insights into user behavior, market trends, and system performance, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning.

System Customization

Admins customize the platform's features, appearance, and functionalities, tailoring the system to meet specific business needs, branding requirements, and user experience enhancements.

Security and Compliance

Admins ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, implement robust security measures, and protect sensitive data, safeguarding the platform's security and user privacy.

Advantage of Food Ordering Solution


Effortless Dining Experience

Simplifies the food ordering process, offering customers a convenient and seamless dining experience from selection to delivery.


Increased Operational Efficiency

Optimizes restaurant operations, from order management to delivery, improving efficiency and reducing processing times.


Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Customization, timely deliveries, and responsive customer support foster high satisfaction levels, encouraging repeat business and positive reviews.


Boosted Revenue Streams

Attracts more customers through promotions and discounts, increasing order volumes and boosting revenue for service providers.


Data-Driven Decision Making

Provides valuable insights through analytics, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions, identify trends, and plan strategic moves for growth.


Secure & Reliable Transactions

Ensures secure payment transactions, data protection, and reliable service, building trust among customers, service providers, and partners.


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