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HungerCat presents an exclusive branded e-commerce store, offering a curated selection of high-quality products tailored for all your needs. From trendy fashion and accessories to top-notch gadgets and lifestyle essentials, HungerCat ensures a delightful shopping experience, blending style, quality, and affordability.



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Discover Our Features

Registration and Login

The e-commerce store offers customers an effortless registration process and robust, secure login functionality for their accounts, ensuring a seamless and safe user experience.

Product Browsing

The customer panel features a user-friendly interface allowing easy browsing through products via filters and categories, complemented by a convenient product search bar for quick and specific searches.

Shopping Cart

The customer panel enables users to effortlessly add and remove items in the cart, view total prices, apply discounts, and check estimated delivery costs, ensuring a streamlined shopping experience.

Checkout Process

The customer panel offers a smooth and secure checkout experience, providing multiple payment options including credit/debit cards and e-wallets, coupled with the convenience of an address book for managing multiple shipping addresses.

Order History

The customer panel provides easy access to past order details, invoices, and tracking information, coupled with the convenient option to reorder directly from previous purchases, enhancing customer convenience and satisfaction.

Reviews and Ratings

The customer panel allows users to leave product reviews and ratings based on their shopping experience, while also enabling them to read reviews from other customers, empowering informed decision-making.

Order Tracking

The customer panel enables users to track the real-time status of orders in transit and receive notifications for both order delivery updates and estimated arrival times, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

Returns and Refunds

The customer panel allows users to initiate returns and refunds directly, offering the convenience of tracking the status of return requests and refund processing within the same platform.

Product Management

The vendor panel allows easy management of products, including adding, editing, and removing items, as well as handling product descriptions, images, and pricing.

Order Processing

The vendor panel enables seamless order management, allowing vendors to view and handle incoming orders, update their status, and confirm shipments efficiently.

Payment and Billing

The vendor panel provides access to payment history, billing details, and transaction reports, enabling vendors to manage payment methods and track financial transactions conveniently.

Shipping & Fulfillment

The vendor panel offers control over shipping operations, allowing vendors to set shipping options, rates, and delivery methods, print shipping labels, and efficiently manage fulfillment centers.

Customer Communication

The vendor panel enables vendors to engage with customers effectively by responding to inquiries and messages, as well as managing customer reviews and ratings for enhanced customer satisfaction.

Analytics & Reporting

The vendor panel provides comprehensive insights into business operations, offering the ability to view sales analytics, order trends, customer behavior, and generate reports for evaluating sales performance and inventory turnover.

Vendor Profile

The vendor panel enables vendors to enhance their online presence by editing business information, contact details, and social media links, while also managing their brand presence through showcasing product catalogs.

Product Recommendations

The vendor panel offers personalized product recommendations and allows vendors to feature complementary items on their storefront, enhancing customer engagement and sales opportunities.

User Management

The admin panel allows administrators to create, modify, and delete user accounts, while also managing user roles and permissions for streamlined access control.

order Management

The admin panel facilitates efficient order management, allowing administrators to view, process incoming orders, manage order status, track shipments, and handle returns seamlessly.

Analytics & Reporting

The admin panel provides comprehensive insights through sales analytics, revenue reports, and customer behavior data, enabling administrators to generate detailed reports on sales performance, for informed decision-making.

Shipping & Tax Configure

The admin panel empowers administrators to configure shipping options, rates, and tax rules, including international shipping settings and management of customs duties for a seamless global e-commerce experience.

Content Management

The admin panel facilitates seamless website content management by allowing administrators to handle pages, multimedia elements, banners, promotional sliders, and product showcases effortlessly.

SEO Tools

The admin panel enables effective SEO management, allowing customization of meta titles, descriptions, and URLs for optimization, coupled with tools to monitor website traffic and keyword rankings for enhanced online visibility.

Security & Fraud Prevention

The admin panel ensures robust security measures by implementing protocols, including SSL certificates, and actively monitors for suspicious activities and potential fraud to safeguard the e-commerce platform.

Mobile App Integration

The admin panel enhances user engagement by seamlessly integrating the e-commerce store with mobile applications, ensuring an optimized user experience, and provides tools to monitor app performance and user engagement for continuous improvement.

Advantage of Ecommerce Store


Global Reach

E-commerce stores break geographical barriers, allowing businesses to reach a global audience without the constraints of physical locations.


Lower Operational Costs

E-commerce reduces the need for physical stores, cutting costs related to rent, utilities, and staff, leading to higher profit margins.


Wider Product Range

E-commerce platforms can display a vast array of products without the limitations of physical shelf space, offering customers more choices.


Ease of Comparison

Customers can easily compare prices, features, and reviews of products, making informed purchasing decisions.


Secure Transactions

E-commerce platforms secure payment gateways and encryption technologies, ensuring safe and protected financial transactions.


Flexibility and Customization

E-commerce platforms can be customized to suit different business models, allowing flexibility in design, layout, and functionality.


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What you will get out of Box?

Customer Android App
Customer iOS App
Customer Web panel
Landing Page

Advanced Feature of Ecommerce Store

SEO Settings

The e-commerce store provides robust SEO optimization tools, allowing customization of meta titles, descriptions, URLs, and seamless integration of schema markup, enhancing search engine visibility and elevating the online presence of products and services.

User Activity Feed

In our bustling e-commerce community, the User Activity Feed takes shopping to a whole new level. Imagine a dynamic hub where every user action comes to life! From product reviews that spark conversations to collaborative wishlists shared with friends.

Newsletter Subscription

Be the first to know about our latest product launches, flash sales, and special discounts tailored just for you. Our newsletters are your ticket to insider information, offering a sneak peek into upcoming trends and curated selections.

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